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‘Nyom’ is a Luo word for marriage. The Luo ethnicity is part of the ancient Nilotics who migrated into East Africa several hundred years ago from Ethiopia.

They occupied most of Western Kenya, Northern Tanzania, Eastern and Nothern Uganda as well as most of South Sudan.

Since time immemorial the Luo have been known for their animated marriage traditions most notably the Ayie ('I agree') or Ayie Keny (‘I agree to marriage’) ceremony which included the energetic cultural dances known as Larakaraka in Uganda or Ohangla in Kenya and Tanzania.

A typical Luo wedding combined serenity and romance; vigour and enthusiasm as well as merrymaking. Nyom Planet recreates this universe.

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We specialise in meeting all your wedding needs and imaginations in a hustle free manner. Our experts will go the extra mile for you to have a memorable experience.

From a small cosy wedding at the poolside to an extensive gathering in that exquisite ballroom for your extended families and friends, be it on a week-day or weekend, this most important day of your life is ours to ensure.

Our meticulous attention to detail runs through to the selection of venues, the choice of flowers and even the taste of the cake, all this without forgetting any of your preferences. All we ask is that you say ‘I do’ to your loved one!

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