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Bridal Shower Ideas That Create Lasting Memories

A bridal shower is a joyous and thrilling part of your wedding where you gather together your closest girlfriends and family to celebrate your fourth coming wedding day. You bask in the memor........

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Celebrity Weddings that rocked 2021

The pandemic may have slowed us down, but all across the globe, couples realized that this cannot be what stops their love. Come 2021 several public figures that held out in 2020 made it of........

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Your 2021 Ugandan Celebrity Weddings in Pictures

Despite the effects of the pandemic, Ugandans didn’t keep away from one of their favourite excuses to party- weddings. Today, we look at some of the memorable weddings that took place this ye........

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Tips on choosing the perfect wedding day pair of shoes

On the long list of bridal accessories to complete your wedding look, determining the best bridal shoe to go with your stunning gown is a top priority. Whether heels or flats, your wedding da........

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