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Inspirational Ugandan Women and their Wedding Stories

International women’s day is a global public holiday celebrated annually as a focal point in the women’s rights movement, bringing attention to such issues as gender equality, social, economi........

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The Celebrity Weddings of 2022

Celebrity weddings are always such a great joy to experience whether as a guest or for the couple wedding. Be it a small private and intimate union or a mass show stopping function, the smile........

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The Best of 2022 Ugandan Celebrity Weddings

We all enjoy weddings but celebrity weddings ‘slap’ differently. 2022 gave us quite a number of Ugandan celebrity weddings. Some simple, others over the top but all glamorous weddings. We sa........

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A Tribute To Queen Elizabeth II: 5 Facts You May Not Know About Her Wedding

A dark cloud formed a canopy over this past week when news broke about the demise of the British’s longest monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. At the age of 96, the Queen lived through seven decades........

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Highlights From The Bride and Groom EXPO 2022

The Bride & Groom EXPO is an annual exhibition for mostly Ugandan wedding providers that is held at UMA Lugogo Main Exhibition hall in Kampala. The 2021 edition was a virtual event. A brain o........

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Honoring Your Mother On Your Wedding Day.

You have heard the saying that a mother’s love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible. Mothers spend their lives giving and nothing may feel more special for them........

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7 Things Weddings and Easter have in common

During his time on earth, Jesus attended several feasts, weddings included. Infact, he so loved weddings that his first recorded miracle was that of turning water into wine at a wedding in Ca........

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Celebrity Weddings that rocked 2021

The pandemic may have slowed us down, but all across the globe, couples realized that this cannot be what stops their love. Come 2021 several public figures that held out in 2020 made it of........

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Your 2021 Ugandan Celebrity Weddings in Pictures

Despite the effects of the pandemic, Ugandans didn’t keep away from one of their favourite excuses to party- weddings. Today, we look at some of the memorable weddings that took place this ye........

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