Choosing the ideal bridesmaid’s dress

Choosing the ideal bridesmaid’s dress

We all love to see our bridesmaids dress to kill with both colour and style. Fluttering but not over the top; bright but not shimmering; colourful but not blinding. Almost an ever-present attraction at Ugandan weddings, bridesmaids are meant to take some of the attention and tension off the bride unless they choose not to. Brides who are not so keen on being the centre of attraction do well with a bit of attention moving to their maid of honour and bridesmaids. The maids also support the bride through both joyous and anxious moments on the wedding day. And of course the wedding photo-shoot is incomplete without them.

But how do they dress up for the part?! Thank you for asking. Choose what works for you and your maids from some of the dresses we have gathered for you from the bridesmaids gowns below.


World over, green is known for hope and new beginnings. Little wonder different shades of green are popular with bridesmaids. Its different flavours when carefully designed create memorable wedding dresses for bridal teams. 

Amy green has especially become a favourite for bridesmaids here in Uganda. And we are usually bedazzled by the maids’ look- it almost feels like royalty!

Bridesmaids stun in shimmering Amy green one shoulder dresses Credit: DM photography

Amy green dresses with long slits and intricate breast-hugging tops Credit: Maria’s bridals 

Forest green is another popular pick for bridesmaids especially those of lighter skin complexions. It is also superb for destination and beach weddings. White bridesmaids especially look awesome in this shade. 

The bridesmaids dazzle in forest green one-shoulder dresses Credit: DM Photography

Forest green is especially glamorous for destination weddings Credit:

Emerald green is a hue that flatters bridesmaids’ looks. When matched with emerald jewelry and the perfect pair of wedding shoes, the maids may just take a bit more attention from the bride.

Emerald green will spark a bridesmaids’ revolution any day. Credit:

Lemon green bridesmaids’ dresses are back in fashion mostly because of their rarity having been overshadowed by other green hues in the past few years. They scream elegance. 

Maids dressed elegantly in their lemon green dresses Credit: DM photography 

Pastel hues are increasing becoming a sensation especially among couples adopting bohemian and rustic wedding themes. Usually in pale and neutral colours like taupe, champagne, mauve, grey etc., they are as stealth as they are captivating.

Bridesmaids at Alexander Amess’ wedding dress in neutral colours Credit:

Taupe is a popular bridesmaids’ dress colour Credit: Peak Shot photography

Rustic wedding themes and pastel hues are a cosmic combination Credit: Weddings galore

Bridesmaids at Hutchison’s wedding pose for a photo in their champagne coloured dresses

Peach and Gold colour bridesmaids dresses were revived after the COVID pandemic lockdowns. Maids are shrugging off the doom and gloom of the pandemic with a bit of colour.

Peach bridesmaid dresses scream ‘we are back!’ Credit:Pinterest

Midi-length hemline gold dresses can give your bridesmaids a startling look Credit:Pinterest

What do you call gold satin with a slit on it? Ans: A bridesmaid. Credit: Sposa Bridal

Red bridesmaids’ dresses never go out of fashion but they also go off as too obvious. So the fashion-enthused bridesmaids have lately opted for something slightly out of the ordinary like scarlet, lollipop, cerise, fuchsia, ruby, rose, raspberry among other shades of red.

Lollipop is a good shade of red for bridesmaids Credit: DM Photography

Let your maids dazzle in floor length fuchsia bridesmaids gowns Credit: Wedding dresses guide

A mix of ruby and lollipop creates an interesting shade Credit: Dream Photo Studio Buloba

Saso’s bridesmaids look stunning in a red earth rustic colour.  

Make it a midi-hemline tiered dress. Add a little shimmer, flair & staccatos Credit: Maria’s bridal

Scarlet red with a slit on it makes you a bridesmaids of the royal ensemble Credit: Pinterest

Orange is yet another popular colour for bridesmaids’ dresses but if you wear the ordinary orange, you will be…well…ordinary. That’s why maids are opting for hues like rust, sunset orange, champagne orange etc. 

Orange is the new red for bridesmaids Credit: DM Photography

Have a mix of maids dress designs for your bridal entourage Credit:

Rust will last forever as long it’s won by a bridesmaid Credit: MarryLover

Satin orange bridesmaids dresses with a bit of gold look golden. Credit: Rock my wedding 

How can we talk about bridesmaids dresses and leave out pink. Pink is your dress colour for all seasons. Ugandans especially love this colour because it accentuates the dark skin complexion. Again, pink has different hues, select your preference meticulously.

We like the pink mix of short and floo-length and slit dresses Credit: Joy forevermore

Rose-pink bridesmaid dresses never go out of fashion Credit: Rock my wedding

One shoulder dresses are back in vogue and we love them Credit: Joy forevermore

Bridesmaid dresses are usually a spectrum of colour. Yet some colours are not widely worn. A rare colour for bridesmaids in Uganda, for example is pearl. White is another! 

But don’t they look nice in pearl? Credit: DM photography

Mrs. Mugume’s maids added embellishment and sparkle to their pearl mermaid dresses

Before we leave this topic, we thought we could show you what brides wore over 50 years ago. You do want a retro-look don’t you?

Bridesmaids in the 60s wore their smiles just as nicely as their dresses.

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