Wedding Guest Dress Trends for 2024

Wedding Guest Dress Trends for 2024

One thing that remains constant about life is weddings.  It's 2024 and weddings have picked up from where they stopped in 2023. The only thing changing about them are the trends, especially the wedding dress trends. We, however, like we did last week are putting that on hold for today and doubling down on wedding guests' fashion trends. 

In this first of a three part series of wedding guest attire, we look at what  fashion trends ladies' dresses will take on, at   weddings in 2024.

1. The Floral dress 

Floral dresses never go out of fashion because they are chic for both the younger guests and the not so young. You could consider having them in brighter colours or the darker shades. Whichever way you wear  your florals in 2024, you will definitely be trending.

J-Lo dazzles in white & pink florals with a matching purse and shoes Credit: GlamourFlorals can also be worn dark. Ideal for those with a light skinned complexion Credit: Bella Dostey (Pinterest)

2. A touch of African print

While African wear is increasingly becoming a part of wedding dresses, most guests would prefer to just flash a bit of it into their wedding dress. In East Africa, the 'Kitengi' and 'Kikoyi' are subtly pieced into a cotton or linen dress. West Africans on the other hand piece in a bit of Ankara or Kente designs into their dresses. The look is definitely the same, perhaps only the names differ. This trend is definitely going to continue in 2024.

The true description of a little bit of print Credit: Selina

African prints can accentuate a splendid look Credit: Ms Secrets

3. The Long dress

Wedding fashion is as versatile as the guests that are invited and most guests tend to wear long dresses to formal functions but play around with the styles. Some create accessories around them like shoulder pieces, fascinators while others wear then with long slits. Many in especially the western part of Africa wear them shimmering with matching headdresses and they look like queens. Long dresses have a story of their own depending on the culture and outlook, some wear them for comfort, others for decency while for many they are a sign of prestige- wearing one will make you look respectable.  Given these diverse sentiments, you definitely will continue to see the long dress trend in 2024. 

Ooze royalty in a royal blue V-neck dress Credit:  who is me Juu (Pinterest)

You can wear that long dress in any colour. Credit: Modest In Everything