The Off the shoulder wedding dress trend rocking 2023

The Off the shoulder wedding dress trend rocking 2023

Celebrated BBC journalist, Nancy Kacungira got married early this year in an off the shoulder wedding dress with loosely hanging straps mid-arm. She is part of a long list of celebrities that have won the dress which is increasingly becoming the most popular trend of the year 2023.  

But the off-the-shoulder wedding dress has been in vogue for a while now though its popularity has come of age in the past couple of years.  As a dress, it’s flattering yet elegant. Two things usually make it special; it highlights the upper body especially the neckline giving any jewelry like necklaces an opportunity to glitter through. Secondly, the dress is a bridal favourite because it can match many types of bridal gowns for the lower body of the bride.

Here is a couple of different styles to choose from if you opt to join this growing trend for 2023.

1. Detachable or loosely attached straps

You could do with a design that creates a V-neckline but with detachable straps or loosely attached straps to give you the flexibility to convert into a strapless design if you so wish.

Ronah accentuated her off the shoulder dress with loosely attached straps  Credit: Twitter

2. Tightly fitting straps

The bride accentuated her off-the shoulder ballgown dress with beaded embroidery by having horizontal tightly fitting straps along her bust. The light slightly pleated upper part of the dress gives for a unique look. 

Brides poses with her bouquet in a ballroom off-the shoulder gown Credit: Twitter

3. Beaded sleeves

Off the shoulder wedding dresses can be carefully tailored to suit the bride’s body type but also style. If you choose beaded sleeves make sure it is designed well enough to highlight the bride’s other accessories. This bride’s dress managed to highlight her other jewelry like the necklace. And she wore it with a smile.

The Bride dons a beaded off the shoulder design with beads on the sleeves making a V neckline

4. Flared shoulders

One of the beauties of donning an off the shoulder wedding dress is that you can decide to put  attention off the dress and let your fans attending the wedding concentrate on the shoulders themselves. The bride on the left does exactly that. Her flared sleeves knit within the dress to hug her breasts are quite an attraction. Together with the veil and simple jewelry they create a wedding look that’s a beauty to behold. 

Twins who got married on the same day both wore off the shoulder gowns Credit: Twitter

5. The Princess of Pop look

If you want to combine being edgy with a bit of stylish then Britney spears Versace wedding gown from last year could be a great inspiration. She wore her straps right at the tip of the shoulders with a plunging neckline forming a V-shape around her cleavage. The dress managed to spotlight her blond hair and white choker necklace.

Britney Spears rocks an off the shoulder dress with a high slit. Credit: Twitter

6. Give it an African touch

This body-hugging mermaid dress with light African prints also has carefully embroidered arm-hugging straps that accentuate the bride’s look.  

Looking this elegant on your wedding day must be a real joy Credit: Saturdays & weddings

7. Give it a floral touch

If you want to be extremely playful with your wedding gown, then florals are a unique way to wow your guests. Sophia Bush rocked this at her wedding last year and we are still here for it.

Sophia Bush in her off the shoulder floral dress with an extensive train 

8. Fit and flare wedding dress

Like we mentioned, one of the attractions to the off the shoulder gown is its ability to take on any and every type of bridal gown design as this fit-and-flare wedding dress shows. The Bride further enhanced the dress with detailed embroidery. We loved it. 

Bride wears fit-and flare off the shoulder wedding dress Credit: Twitter

9. Give it a silky touch

Wedding gowns made out of silk never disappoint. They are quite often off-script but in a good way. Ugandan journalist Sheila Nduhukire wore this off-white off the shoulder dress with elegance. The simple design that accentuates her simple jewelry and hairstyle nailed this unique wedding look.

 Give that off-the shoulder a silky look Credit: Exclusive Bizz

10. Go for a different colour

Bridal gowns are taking on different designs and colours. If you want to make a completely memorable wedding gown then combine the off-the-shoulder dress with a unique colour. The bride below wore a beige changing wedding gown with a detailed embroidered design within the dress’s bodice offering some good optical nutrition.

 Your off the shoulder gown does not have to be white Credit: Twitter

With some inspiration above about your off-the shoulder dress, we are hoping you are now ready to make that decision for your wedding day. Quick insight though, be very mindful about the bust area if you are considering an off the shoulder dress. Things can easily go wrong, so work with your tailor to avoid any mishaps. Try on the dress again and again for maximum risk mitigation. 

Thank you for reading. Please reach out to us at for advice on your bridal gown. Do check out our wedding packages too if you are planning a wedding. They just may have what you want.

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