Your Ugandan Female Celebrity Wedding Emcees.

Your Ugandan Female Celebrity Wedding Emcees.

Prior to your wedding, money and time are spent to make sure the wedding day is perfect. As you work to bring the plan together, your wedding begins to develop a personality of its own which is usually a reflection of your own. As the primary source of communication to all wedding guests, a professional emcee conveys your personality to everyone and is expected to engage guests including entertaining them with jokes, telling stories about the newlyweds, encouraging them to dance, and making announcements in an upbeat and engaging way.

Below is a list of female celebrity emcees to pick for your Ugandan wedding.

Annatalia Oze

Real names Nambooze Annet, Annatalia is a media personality and philanthropist with a strong presence and articulation that make her stand out. Your wedding needs an emcee dedicated to excellence in creating unforgettable fun experiences. Annatalia is passionate about celebrations,  down to earth and fun. Count on her relaxed but expert guidance at your wedding reception.

Ready to welcome the Mr. & Mrs. Credit; Annatalia Oze/ Facebook

Malaika Tenshi

As newlyweds, an emcee to oversee a smoothly run reception schedule while still fostering a good time for everyone is the goal. If due to unforeseen circumstances, the timeline isn’t moving as planned, the emcee should be swift and in charge to make it seem all planned out. That is what Ugandan actress, media personality and model, Malaika Tenshi gives you. Her  vast event hosting experience will guarantee an unforgettable experience without ( anyone noticing) the glitches.