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A Century of Wedding Country Music (1920s- 2020s)

As we celebrate our 100th blog today, we thought it nice to spice up your favorite wedding blog with a little vibe of county music through the century. From the 1920s to the present day, coun........

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14 Facts You May Not Know About British Royal Weddings

September 19th 2022 is etched in history as the day Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Windsor (II) was given a state funeral in a farewell event broadcast across the globe. It was a somber day for mo........

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20 Amazing facts you did not know about weddings

‘’You may now kiss the bride”, comes from the Roman era. In those days, a kiss was a legal bond which sealed contracts. A groom and bride often never kissed before their wedding day. To seal ........

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The Origin of the Wedding Kiss

While some traditions fade and others are altered, the wedding kiss has persisted. A kiss after the vows is a wedding tradition that seems will never disappear. Today, the wedding kiss serves........

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4 Decades of Wedding Movies

The 80s wedding movies certainly had their own share of quirks. Unlike today, people then weren’t quite so sensitive about the material they watched; the content wasn’t up for debate about ho........

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40 years of Caribbean Wedding Music

The 1980s began a revolution of what is commonly known as reggae music but also what has now been fused with different genres to form everything from dancehall music to ragga, afrobeats name........

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40 years of African wedding music

Africa is a continent of more than 50 countries, a diversity of people, ethnicities and cultures with a variety of music. African music has come of age over the last two decades and so have w........

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Four Decades of Wedding Songs

We all take wedding entertainment for granted but have you ever imagined a bride walking down the aisle without music? Stop, you shouldn’t! The thought is as horrifying as the bride not turni........

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100 Years of Wedding Cars

Life has spent itself driving you to this memorable day- your wedding day. It is done with you and now handing over the keys, it is motioning you to proceed. ‘Make your move’ it says! Notice........

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100 years of the wedding cake

Cakes have been part of weddings since time immemorial and have been a valuable part of wedding tradition as far back as weddings can be traced. Some cakes have been designed for once in a l........

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Are bridesmaids a necessary evil?

Such was the spectacle in the olden days of a bride riding across territories to meet her groom. This was further nuanced by the fact that several camels moved in an entourage, each bearing a........

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Twist in wedding traditions

Change is a constant in life and the earlier you embrace it, the better. Trends, fashion, traditions and cultures change too. Taking a walk down memory lane, you will definitely notice the ch........

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