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Top 8 Natural Juice Providers at Weddings in Uganda

Outdoor wedding venues ranging from open gardens, pool sides to lakesides and beaches are getting more appealing to couples lately; wondering why?! Well, the beautiful scenery associated wit........

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Wedding Tent Providers in Kampala-Uganda

Couples prefer outdoor weddings for several reasons, such as the lovely backdrops offered by lush green gardens, lakes or a lovely pool in the instance that they choose a garden, lakeside, or........

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Twelve Bridal Car Providers in Kampala

We all like ‘show stopping’ and ‘wow’ moments every now and then. And what greater way to give onlookers one than at your wedding. Your wedding ride will do exactly that! But first you need t........

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Where to go for Wedding Invitation cards in Kampala

Do people even still print wedding cards? It’s a question we hear every single day from couples. Our answer is a resounding, ‘Yes!’ You can choose digital or e-cards if you wish or go traditi........

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Can wedding photos document your wedding story?

If you are planning your wedding in Uganda today, you may have as many wedding photographers to choose from as you would have wedding cake providers. Choosing one becomes a game of Ludo. Wher........

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Vendor Spotlight - Beautiful Smilez

In our vendor spotlight series this week, we bring you a true description of an artist - Sylvia N. Tendo. She is the proprietor Beautiful Smilez Apparel. She does every work of art that can p........

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Vendor Spotlight - D&J Audio Part (1)

Our vendor spotlight series are back with a bang (literally), this time with D&J Audio and yes, they are Deejays. We had such an awesome time interviewing this couple- yes, you heard right! F........

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Vendor Spotlight - Paramount Images

In the middle of the 42-day lockdown, we caught up with Mr. Lubinga James, the proprietor of Paramount images, an events photography business that has been providing services for couples’ eng........

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Vendor Spotlight - Oeuvre Events

In our vendor spotlight series, this week we caught up with one of Kampala’s celebrated creatives- Revival Kemigisha. She is the proprietor Oeuvre events. Her wedding décor is exceptional. We........

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Vendor spotlight – Sumy’s cakes and coffee

One thing we all look forward to on the wedding day is the cake! Shout outs to the cake lovers out there! Here is Sumayah Namuwenge, a wedding vendor that provides that one item that we can’t........

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