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Late vendors

Well this was at the reception of a certain wedding where I had gone to deliver a wedding cake. As a service provider I reached there on time at 10am. At the look of things there was nothing ........

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No show vendors

In March 2013 I was chairman of a wedding of a prominent person in this country. We held meetings, collected cash, engaged and signed up service providers and. Everything was going well.........

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Angry Bodycon dress- Wedding disaster

Once upon a time on a beautiful day, the lakeside lane was silent, one could hardly hear or see any bird, the whole village was gathered to celebrate two special people at a beach side weddin........

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Silent Wedding- Wedding Disaster

Everyone wants to have their dream wedding. It is that special day that legally a man and a woman become wife and husband. No body desires for this day to go bad or have interruptions, it is........

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Hungry guests

It was late last year where for sure I trended the path that I had less hopes of returning…..what my eyes witnessed that day was unbearable because my brains also failed to stomach what an id........

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A wedding with no Music

It was in 2018, I was a fresh graduate and blossoming young lady. I guess it’s the reason my maternal auntie asked to add me to the bevy of her bridesmaids. This was a once in a lifetime cha........

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The Nyom Wedding Assistant

This week we want to introduce to you the Nyom Calculator, a wedding planning innovation that is every couple’s dream. Just imagine a world where only two things are needed for your wedding d........

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Love Languages

As we conclude the month of love, let’s talk about love languages. Ever wondered how to make your significant other happy or feel loved. I know you may like gifts, but does s/he feel loved w........

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She Weds Her Dream Lover

The bride and groom are part of the percentage of believers with a story of God intervening to bring two people together. They are personal friends. whose wedding story was memorable........

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My Sister’s Wedding

How beautiful and simple she looked! I was yet to see a bride more beautiful and not because she was my sister. She was lovely but I’d never seen her look this good. Her gown was white and sh........

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Should you push your wedding until after COVID-19?

The year 2020 has been special all across the world in a not so pleasant way for many. Intending couples that are people of faith could even be tempted to believe God decided against them thi........

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Why I chose a simple wedding

why i chose a simple wedding, I was still living in America when my husband and I started planning for our wedding in Uganda. He would tell me how most weddings have 400+ guests........

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