Should you push your wedding until after COVID-19?

Should you push your wedding until after COVID-19?

The year 2020 has been special all across the world in a not so pleasant way for many. Intending couples that are people of faith could even be tempted to believe God decided against them this year. He could as well have thought you are not normal enough to have your wedding in a ‘normal’ year. The flip side could also mean you are that special and hence a special year for your special day. This is exactly how some couples have decided to remember this year. 

For many other intending couples around the world, however, caught between a rock and a hard place, they have been considering their options on having their weddings this year.

Some have opted until after COVID-19 to be able to host their guests without the various limitations ushered in by measures to combat this deadly pandemic while a significant number are holding out; spying the environment; assessing the new normal and preparing to act accordingly. They are waiting on the sidelines, skeptically observing from others what weddings look like in this period.

Waiting it out means you envision that at some future time you will have the wedding you are accustomed to; large gatherings with lots of space; free interactions; absolutely no limitations on whether the wedding is indoors or outdoors; having that honey-moon in places or countries of your choice. This could be for good reason because almost everything is uncertain in this period.

In Uganda, for example, there has been a fear that some of the weddings done in this period are potentially null and void because of failure to adhere to some of the guidelines provided for by the Marriage Act.

This uncertainty looms all over the globe and could potentially forever change the way we do life.  Weddings like many other social interactions have not been spared; experts believe things may never be the same again whether it is about sitting arrangement at weddings or the intimacy of the event. For example, if your plan was for an indoor wedding, you may want to reconsider because as experts warn, the virus is transmitted faster under those conditions and this will be true even when a vaccine is found.

But does that mean you cannot have the wedding you dreamt about?  Is it viable to put your love on hold? As much as a lot has changed about weddings in this period, a significant part of the weddings remains the same.  Apart from limits on the number of people that can gather as well as the limitations on indoor gatherings the rest of the requirements remain the same. Photography, wedding vehicles, church service, decoration, cake, music, venue, lighting and a number of other things still make a significant part of the wedding ceremony and if well-handled can make your wedding memorable.

While others are rushing to have their weddings in this period because of reduced costs and the significant changes brought in by COVID-19, it is also important to note that whereas a wedding budget could take a cut, it will not necessarily commiserate with the numbers that have been slashed in lieu of the COVID-19 measures.  For example, one would have thought they will save on hiring a 400 seater tent because you now have 100 guests but you will need the same tent to allow for social distancing. The same goes for a hired venue.

 A significant part of the wedding cost remains the same and therefore still needs apt consideration while making a budget in this period. In fact some costs may increase due to safety precautions around COVID-19.

At Nyom Planet we believe, love should not be put on hold so we have adequate packages to give you an affordable, hustle free, memorable, and most importantly in this period- safe wedding.

Whether you are thinking about the dance floor, the sitting arrangement or even taking photographs at the event, we are making safety the top priority.

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