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Top 5 Hotel Wedding Receptions in Mbarara City

Looking to have your wedding in the second largest city, Mbarara located in Western Uganda also known as the land of “milk and honey” but have no idea on what venues to choose from, remember........

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Top Hotel Wedding Venues in Gulu City

Located in the northern part of Uganda, Gulu district until just a decade ago was the largest district in Northern Uganda. With a population of roughly 150,000 people, Gulu is a six-hour driv........

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Planning a Lakeside Wedding in Uganda? Here are some tips

Uganda is known for its lakes spread out across the country including the second largest freshwater lake in the world- Lake Victoria that shares its shores with some of Uganda’s major cities........

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Kampala’s top outdoor wedding venues for big weddings

The question has been popped, the ring is on your finger and the date is set. It’s time to choose that venue for the most important day of your life! Yes, your wedding ceremony and reception........

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7 Garden Wedding Venues in Kisaasi-Kyanja (North Kampala)

Garden weddings are known for that relaxing feel and if well planned give you a lot of stunning ideas for ceremony and reception. If well curated, your needs and desires will be exceeded, cre........

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10 Venue Ideas to Consider For Your Wedding

‘Wedding venues’ happens to be the most googled phrase about weddings which means it’s a top need for intending couples when planning for the wedding day. The venue of the ceremony or recepti........

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Top 10 Lakeside View wedding venues around Kampala

Lakeside weddings are quite the attraction anywhere in the world. Uganda is blessed with a number of fresh water bodies including Lake Victoria (locally known as Nalubaale), the second bigges........

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Top 7 Hotels for a wedding reception in Masaka

Masaka is one of Uganda’s historical towns most famous for being the capital of Buganda Kingdom in the pre-colonial days, the city was recently given official city status by the Central gover........

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Selecting a suitable Wedding reception venue

Venues can make or break wedding celebrations!. When planning your wedding reception, a venue is a must and should be among the first ‘items’ to secure. But what makes a suitable venue?........

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