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10 creative wedding lighting ideas to make your wedding lit!

Planning a wedding is a consideration of many factors, making sure everything is perfect for the big day, even harder. A very important feature to consider is wedding lighting. Right lighting........

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Uganda's Reputable Wedding Décor Providers

The wedding ambiance has a big influence on the wedding mood; you could have your guests feel like they're at a game park without taking them there, wedding decoration is one way to do it! Dé........

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Jaw-Dropping Wedding Stage Ideas For Your Day

Image is everything the old saying goes. When it comes to weddings, the wedding stage or platform is everything. It is as sacrosanct as it is magical because it is where the bride and groom........

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Wedding flowers- Have your pick

Flowers since time immemorial have been part of several cultures and numerous love traditions, mostly symbolizing good but sometimes not so good. Flowers are used to console, to entice and to........

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Why Great Wedding Decor Will Make Your Wedding Extra Special

When you think of weddings, you usually think of brides, decked out in their glory for their special day. What most people don’t tend to give too much thought to is the wedding décor. Wedding........

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