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Have yourself the perfect African themed wedding

African weddings are the new trend in wedding celebration and we are going to see more of them in 2023. Africans are known for their fashion trends, their dancing, their food, their strong........

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Tips For Planning A Fairy Tale Themed Wedding

Every little girl dreams of a magical wedding day and she dreams that somehow it could be like those fairy tales she grows up romanticizing about. She wants to be a princess caught in the cl........

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Tips for an Arabian themed wedding

Arabian weddings are known for their colour, detail and dazzle which sometimes translates to extravagance. But we cannot fail to love them, because of their style, elegance and glamour. Here........

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Top Wedding Themes to consider for your wedding

Every couple dreams of putting together an amazing occasion to mark their union but so many do it quite haphazardly. A good wedding planner should be the starting point while a wedding theme........

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Plan the perfect vintage wedding

Nothing beats charm in a wedding than a vintage touch. Vintage always oozes of romance! But where do you start with planning a vintage wedding? Skip the hustle, let’s guide you through what c........

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No theme, No wedding!

If you are reading this, you sure have attended a few weddings. Think through which ones stood out for you. Which ones do you remember? What stood out for you?........

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