Silent Wedding- Wedding Disaster

Silent Wedding- Wedding Disaster

Everyone wants to have their dream wedding. It is that special day that legally a man and a woman become wife and husband. No body desires for this day to go bad or have interruptions, it is peace and joy that everyone yearns for. It is time for party and celebration of the union with friends, family, workmates, and our loved ones. My friends Joe and Jacky wanted the same, they had always dreamt of a great white wedding and finally the day had come. 

Finally, the colorful day had come; I prepared myself ready to go support my friends. Before I left, I got a phone called from Joe early morning re-confirming my attendance of which I said yes. However, it was weird to receive a phone called from somebody getting married and more so on his special day. On reaching the church, I realized Joe was on his phone for most of the time. Everything seem to fall on his shoulders, everyone was consulting him for everything. There were a lot of unnecessary movements which made it so disorganized. 

It was the first silent wedding event that I have ever attended. The Pastors were all trying to project their voices during the saying of the vows. 

As I moved out of the church auditorium in the bitter crowd at the end, I asked why the place would be quiet on such a beautiful day of a union celebration. In my conversations, I realized Joe had simply booked the public address system with word of mouth and hadn’t paid, therefore, the service provider didn’t turn up. I was lost in thoughts and wondered, why didn’t Joe have a wedding committee? Why was Joe doing all these planning processes by himself? Why didn’t Joe seek a wedding planner’s wisdom? 

I am not saying Joe and Jacky had the worst wedding or gave me the worst wedding experience; with proper planning and intentionality, all would have gone well. I believe with this experience; a wedding planner is highly needed for a smooth wedding event. 

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