Love Languages

Love Languages

As we conclude the month of love, let’s talk about love languages.

Ever wondered how to make your significant other happy or feel loved. I know you may like gifts, but does s/he feel loved when you get her gifts? Many times we think about what to do to make our partners, children or friends happy, how to show them love the way we feel loved but do you speak the same love language? Is it Acts of service, Receiving gifts, Physical touch, Words of affirmation, or Quality Time?

Maybe you haven’t heard about these but it's real, they can be applied in any relationship, parent-child, husband-wife, boyfriend-girlfriend, between friends, mention it. Learn their love language and take your relationship to greater levels. Make expressing love easy!

Dr. Gary Chapman has a number of books on these love languages which you could check out.
Here is a sneak peek into the different love languages!

Words of affirmation: Words are key for a person with this love language. Complimenting them, “Your hair looks nice”, “I love you” works miracles. They need to hear these words to feel loved. The negative comments will hurt them greatly too.

Quality time: Undivided attention is one way to show this person love. Listen to them as they go about how their day has been, if possible turn the television off, keep the phone away and give them full attention. This doesn’t mean they need undivided attention all the time but ensure to dedicate time together without distractions. Make that time count, canceling a date, postponing time together will be hurtful for people with this love language.

Receiving gifts: Spoil them with all kinds of gifts on special days or just any other day. A thoughtful gift will definitely warm their hearts.

Physical touch: A hug, walking while holding hands will always do the trick. The people with this love language feel more connected when physical touch is involved.

Acts of service: The aphorism “Actions speak louder than words” applies to this love language. The little acts you do for them like helping them with their tasks, helping with chores will be a way to show them love.

Make your wedding unique and special by applying your primary love languages as a couple. A words of affirmation person could have their guests write notes to them, the couple could also inform people giving speeches ahead of time so they can prepare and have composed speeches while a person with gifts as their primary love language can offer thank you gifts to their guests attending the wedding or better still, get your wife/husband a thoughtful gift on your wedding day if gifts is their love language.

Please share with us what you think your love language is in the comment section below but if you don’t know, don’t fret, here is a test you can take to find your love language and be more purposeful in building meaningful relationships.

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