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Why Great Wedding Decor Will Make Your Wedding Extra Special

When you think of weddings, you usually think of brides, decked out in their glory for their special day. What most people don’t tend to give too much thought to is the wedding décor. Wedding........

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The Origin of the Wedding Kiss

While some traditions fade and others are altered, the wedding kiss has persisted. A kiss after the vows is a wedding tradition that seems will never disappear. Today, the wedding kiss serves........

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Plan the perfect vintage wedding

Nothing beats charm in a wedding than a vintage touch. Vintage always oozes of romance! But where do you start with planning a vintage wedding? Skip the hustle, let’s guide you through what c........

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Top 10 wedding cake makers in Ntinda

This week we brought to you the biggest wedding cake ever made. We are still talking cakes. Ntinda is a vibrant suburb just a few kilometers outside Kampala. Together with the surrounding........

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