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Wedding Veils - What you need to know!

As they say, a veil is what turns a woman in a beautiful white dress into a bride, and we agree! There's something so romantic about the flowing fabric and the time-honored tradition, whether........

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Tips for an Arabian themed wedding

Arabian weddings are known for their colour, detail and dazzle which sometimes translates to extravagance. But we cannot fail to love them, because of their style, elegance and glamour. Here........

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Planning a destination wedding? Keep this in mind!

We have been here before to push your hand at destination weddings. We are back to tell you that your idea of a scenic spot in the mountains, a vibrant tropical beach or a historical chateau ........

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Wedding flowers- Have your pick

Flowers since time immemorial have been part of several cultures and numerous love traditions, mostly symbolizing good but sometimes not so good. Flowers are used to console, to entice and to........

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