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Highlights From The Bride and Groom EXPO 2022

The Bride & Groom EXPO is an annual exhibition for mostly Ugandan wedding providers that is held at UMA Lugogo Main Exhibition hall in Kampala. The 2021 edition was a virtual event. A brain o........

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Top Bridal Shops in Kampala’s City Center

Wedding dresses have for long been a prized bridal charm. And this is true for Ugandan brides too. In old tradition, wedding dresses were not only about fashion but spirituality and even econ........

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Planning a Lakeside Wedding in Uganda? Here are some tips

Uganda is known for its lakes spread out across the country including the second largest freshwater lake in the world- Lake Victoria that shares its shores with some of Uganda’s major cities........

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Kampala’s top outdoor wedding venues for big weddings

The question has been popped, the ring is on your finger and the date is set. It’s time to choose that venue for the most important day of your life! Yes, your wedding ceremony and reception........

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