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Where to go for Wedding Invitation cards in Kampala

Do people even still print wedding cards? It’s a question we hear every single day from couples. Our answer is a resounding, ‘Yes!’ You can choose digital or e-cards if you wish or go traditi........

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14 Facts You May Not Know About British Royal Weddings

September 19th 2022 is etched in history as the day Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Windsor (II) was given a state funeral in a farewell event broadcast across the globe. It was a somber day for mo........

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Choosing the ideal bridesmaid’s dress

We all love to see our bridesmaids dress to kill with both colour and style. Fluttering but not over the top; bright but not shimmering; colourful but not blinding. Almost an ever-present att........

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A Tribute To Queen Elizabeth II: 5 Facts You May Not Know About Her Wedding

A dark cloud formed a canopy over this past week when news broke about the demise of the British’s longest monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. At the age of 96, the Queen lived through seven decades........

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