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Tips For Planning A Fairy Tale Themed Wedding

Every little girl dreams of a magical wedding day and she dreams that somehow it could be like those fairy tales she grows up romanticizing about. She wants to be a princess caught in the cl........

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10 Venue Ideas to Consider For Your Wedding

‘Wedding venues’ happens to be the most googled phrase about weddings which means it’s a top need for intending couples when planning for the wedding day. The venue of the ceremony or recepti........

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7 Things Weddings and Easter have in common

During his time on earth, Jesus attended several feasts, weddings included. Infact, he so loved weddings that his first recorded miracle was that of turning water into wine at a wedding in Ca........

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Changing dresses: why the hype!

One of the biggest attractions at weddings is the changing dress aka the reception dress, especially for the brides, but why exactly do newlyweds change dresses on their wedding day? Well, yo........

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