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Silent Wedding- Wedding Disaster

Everyone wants to have their dream wedding. It is that special day that legally a man and a woman become wife and husband. No body desires for this day to go bad or have interruptions, it is........

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Hungry guests

It was late last year where for sure I trended the path that I had less hopes of returning…..what my eyes witnessed that day was unbearable because my brains also failed to stomach what an id........

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A wedding with no Music

It was in 2018, I was a fresh graduate and blossoming young lady. I guess it’s the reason my maternal auntie asked to add me to the bevy of her bridesmaids. This was a once in a lifetime cha........

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Cake Designs To Die For!

Of all the sweet moments you'll have on your wedding day, the best may just be the wedding cake. Cutting, serving and eating cake is one of the most popular wedding traditions in history.........

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