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A Tribute To Queen Elizabeth II: 5 Facts You May Not Know About Her Wedding

A dark cloud formed a canopy over this past week when news broke about the demise of the British’s longest monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. At the age of 96, the Queen lived through seven decades........

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Can wedding photos document your wedding story?

If you are planning your wedding in Uganda today, you may have as many wedding photographers to choose from as you would have wedding cake providers. Choosing one becomes a game of Ludo. Wher........

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12 Relatable Frustrations when planning a wedding in Uganda

Weddings are a significant part of culture! So significant that you are hardly able to organize a wedding with less than 300 guests. Typically, intending couples in Uganda tend to book vendor........

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7 Bridal Salons In Kampala To Make You Stun!

Statements like a woman’s crown is her hair, a woman’s glory is her hair, the beauty of the woman lies in her hair, hair is the crowning glory of a woman among many more are not uncommon. Pau........

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