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Wedding Tent Providers in Kampala-Uganda

Couples prefer outdoor weddings for several reasons, such as the lovely backdrops offered by lush green gardens, lakes or a lovely pool in the instance that they choose a garden, lakeside, or........

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Twelve Bridal Car Providers in Kampala

We all like ‘show stopping’ and ‘wow’ moments every now and then. And what greater way to give onlookers one than at your wedding. Your wedding ride will do exactly that! But first you need t........

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Uganda's Reputable Wedding Décor Providers

The wedding ambiance has a big influence on the wedding mood; you could have your guests feel like they're at a game park without taking them there, wedding decoration is one way to do it! Dé........

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10 Wedding Transportation Ideas in Uganda-Have Your Pick

No matter where your wedding will be in Uganda, chances are you will need some type of wedding transportation. Style and convenience are usually a big consideration in making the right choic........

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