Different ways a groom can wear a great tuxedo look to the wedding

Different ways a groom can wear a great tuxedo look to the wedding

The tuxedo or the tux as we call it is the latest wedding fashion trend for grooms and their groomsmen. Before wedding trends changed men wore their blended suits or simple western-styled suits to the wedding. Today, the tux rules weddings and if you are a groom looking to make a statement, you have got to wear it right. And it’s our job to help you achieve exactly that. Here are some ways to wear that tuxedo right.

1. Embellish it with a few designs. 

You can opt for a simple two piece suit with a few floral designs. It can be in light or dark colours. The other option is to wear an embellished coat with a plain-coloured trouser. You could also opt for a full three-piece suit The most important thing is to make sure you choose a design that fits both your skin complexion, size and style. Make it trendy while at it.

A simple two piece tux with embellished dark-coloured designs with a plain trouser Credit: Fokwo
Wear a lighter-coloured three piece embellished tux with a plain trouser  Credit: Twitter
A gold floral-designed suit can make for a great wedding look Credit: Suits and more  

 Wear your designs in (dark) Emerald green Credit: Lumi photography 

 Wear your floral purple designs with a plain colored black trouser Credit: Smack league 

A little brown to the floral design arrangement and you have a great wedding look Credit: twitter 

2. Wear it in white

White is the most common colour for wedding tuxedos. Many grooms play around with different flavours of it. Most accompany a two-piece white tux with a black trouser and a black bow-tie to match. Others embed a bit of colour to the white tux either on the sleeves or within a three-pice suit. while others simply make designs within the white tux itself. The white tux always works well even on its own,if you decide to mix it with any colours, choose wisely to avoid overshadowing the white. 

This simple white a plain black trouser is always a wedding hit. Credit: Smack league
This mix  of white  with rust/burnt orange will flatter your wedding look Credit: Hollo Men
Embellish the sleeves with a little design and keep the white shinning bright Credit:Unique Threads
A little green can also enhance the white tux look but don’t over do it.
For the passionate groom, red is a great colour to add to your tux. Credit: Unique Threads
Hon. Mbidde aced his wedding look with a bit of design to his (pearly) white tux Credit: XCY

3. Wear it in off-white 

Off white is equally as easy to the eye as white itself. A cream, pearl or off-white wedding tuxedo is always a good look on grooms. Once again, you can have it plain or enhance it with a bit of colour  and design.

The simple off-white plain tuxedo is elegant enough on its own Credit: twitter
Velvet green can spice up an off-white tuxedo look. Credit: Camille Jeanay
You can decide to play a little with the design 

4. Black is always great for a tux

Black is the one tuxedo colour you cannot go wrong with. You can match it with light coloured shirts especially white or you could match it with dark shirt colours like black.

A black tuxedo with a white shirt is always a perfect look. Credit: Twitter
A black tuxedo with a black shirt has a unique look to it. Credit: Twitter

5. Give it a little glitter

A tuxedo on the wedding day is a fashion statement on its own. If you give it a little glitter, you will be the talk of town. Choose colours that will bring about your best fashion sense.

NUP deputy spokesperson Mufumbiro chose to glitter on his wedding day. Credit: Apple Lenz
Add a little glitter with a green ensemble Credit: Bella Naija Style
Sometimes glitter needs only to be subtle Credit: Show pretty dress

6. Get out of the norm with colour and design

There is no script that says tuxedos can only be white, near-white or black, feel free to experiment with a little more colour. Try out the dark blues and grays. Try out the magentas and turquoises. Just be keen to keep your fashion sense. You could also be a little versatile with the designs together with a bit of colour. It’s your wedding day, feel free to go all out.

Try out this deep blue tuxedo with a matching black trouser Credit: Linda Makhanya
Combine fashion and colour with these vintage tailcoats Credit: D-Photography
Make a statement with a bright blue tuxedo with a unique design Credit: Twitter

You can combine a bit of colour with design. Credit: MontrellDemet
Be versatile with colour, match it with the right shoes too credit: Instagram

Now that you know what to wear for your wedding tuxedo, tune in next time to know where in Kampala you can find these designer tuxedos. In the meantime reach out to us at planner@nyomplanet.com for all your wedding planning needs.

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