Wedding Guests Do’s and Don’ts

Wedding Guests Do’s and Don’ts

As a follow up, from our wedding etiquette series, today we looking at how guests ought to conduct themselves.

This week at Nyom Planet, through the ‘Jan cash competition’, we rewarded writers who wrote to tell us about the biggest disasters they have witnessed at weddings and one of the winners told a story about a guest whose tight dress snapped. Embarrassing as that may seem, here are some other things that guests should be careful about on the wedding day. 

1. Don’t text the bride or groom on the day of the ceremony asking for directions. Yes, this has happened! While it’s technically not part of the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom should be off limits the evening before and on the wedding day.     

Only the groom should text his bride on the D-day Credit: Pinterest
 2. When exchanging vows, turn your cell phone off rather than keep it on vibrate. The buzzing sound of a phone can be distracting and even ruin a magical moment. 

Keep the phone away Credit:

3. Don’t post anything on social media without the permission of the bride and groom, especially if the couple has explicitly forbade it. 

Too often pictures of a couple go viral on social media before they ever had a chance to wind down their wedding day. A bride who wanted to be cast in the best possible light will find herself on social media in the most awkward pose. If it’s a random picture that can’t be linked back to the wedding, like a light fixture, or a plant, then perhaps you may, but skip any hashtags or references to the wedding.

Avoid embarrassing the bride Credit: Awkward Photos

4. Don’t assume you are exempt from the rules. Close family and friends often feel like to feel special and more entitled than others. On the contrary, you should be setting the example. Even if you are a parent, close family or friend, do kindly abide by the rules being enforced by the wedding planner because they were agreed upon with the couple.

5. Do carry a gift to the wedding you are attending. As a guest it’s only courteous that you to carry a gift unless the couple explicitly indicated otherwise. If the couple used a wedding registry, then perhaps carry a card in which you can indicate when the delivery will be made by the vendor.

A wedding registry eases the gift-giving process Credit: Destify

6. Don’t get in the way of the designated photographers. Most smartphones today take great pictures convincing owners that they can take perfect wedding pictures. The trouble is they often get in the way of the designated photographer. Please, let photographers and videographers do their thing.

Thank you but no thank you all ye ‘photographers’ Credit:

7. Don’t nitpick. It’s no secret—you’re not going to like every wedding you attend. But complaining about things that don’t suit your fancy, or that you would do differently if it were your wedding, is a huge breach of wedding etiquette. 

It’s not your wedding if you need a reminder! Don’t be overhead critiquing the couple’s choice of cake, flowers, the bride’s dress. The couple made their choices. Live with them! Even if you’re convinced you’re safely out of earshot, you never know who’s listening, ears have walls. Don’t be that guest! Leave with your opinion!

Don’t comment about the bride’s tattoo. Credit:

8. Don’t make a huge announcement on someone else’s nuptials, you really shouldn’t propose, announce you’re engaged, announce you’re pregnant, or make any other big life announcement at someone else’s wedding. It’s just plain discourteous to the couple—everyone is there to celebrate them, not anyone else. Be courteous even if they permit you, this is their special day, don’t steal their thunder! Remember that.

Don’t comment about the bride’s tattoo. Credit:

9. Don’t drink yourself silly. Everyone wants to have a good time at a wedding but not knowing your limits when it comes to alcohol is not proper, party safely and if you are to get wild prepare in advance for a designated driver, book a room at the hotel or order an Uber.

Don’t embarrass yourself Credit: iStock

Well, you’re now ready to attend that wedding at your best behavior and if you are planning to wed, you now know how to treat your guests.

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