25 Black and White Photography Moments You Shouldn’t Miss at Your Wedding

25 Black and White Photography Moments You Shouldn’t Miss at Your Wedding

We all like a tinge of retro added to our events. Black and white photography provides exactly that.  And it is timeless. You don’t have to tell a complicated wedding story when you go black and white, it is there for everybody to see.

Today we bring your best possible shots that can accentuate your wedding album if you turned them to black and white.

1. The wedding kiss

Credit: Pinterest (Bellanaija)

2. The hearty laugh

Credit: Twitter

3. The Smile

Credit: Twitter

4. The Train

Sophia Bush shows off her train. Credit: Vogue

5. The Wedding Veil

Credit: Twitter

6. The Royal Guest look


Credit: Natasha (on Twitter)

7. Anticipating what next

Credit: Emeka (Twitter)

8. The gaze into each other’s eyes

Credit: Twitter

9. The Daddy daughter walk down the aisle

Credit: Twitter 

10. The meaningful traditions/gestures

Credit: Twitter

11. The first ride together moment

Credit: Paramount Pictures

12. The secret car kiss 

Credit: Pinterest (Nicole Gilanians)

13. Showing off the rings

Leah Kagasa on Instagram Credit: Exclusive.co.ug

14. Holding her close

Credit: Twitter

15. Just for Just

Credit: Skyz Hotel

16. The look away pose

Paris looks elegant in her floral embroidered dress Credit: parishilton.com

17. The intimate gaze

Credit: First Class Media

18. Showing off the dress

Credit: Noirchick (Twitter)

19. ‘You are absolutely gorgeous’ look

Credit: Paramount Images

20. Stealing a kiss

Credit: twitter

21. Satisfied faces

Smiles from The Beyangas  Credit: Twitter

22. The daddy peck.

Credit: LinkedIn

23: The Shimmering wedding dress

Credit: (Twitter)

23. Going Retro/ back-in the day

Credit: Twitter

24. The completely crazy pic


Credit: Pinterest

25. Champagne glass

That’s all we had for you this week. Endeavour to add a little black and white to your wedding photos for a comprehensive look to your wedding photo album. If you are looking for Ugandan wedding photographers that could help you meticulously document your wedding story, ring us up for pointers. Otherwise reach us at planner@nyomplanet.com for all your wedding planning needs. 

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