Dare to have fun: 9 activities to cheer up your wedding day

Dare to have fun: 9 activities to cheer up your wedding day

The wedding day is easily one of the most anticipated days in any one’s life and sometimes that means one thing- lots of tension. It is the reason some people skip through the hustle by hiring a wedding planner.  It is the reason we created this awesome wedding checklist for you!

It is also sometimes the reason wedding planners discuss such things like wedding timelines and written wedding vows beforehand. The logic is simply around trying to avoid any mishaps on the actual day, possible fixes notwithstanding.

How about some football in your gown Credit: momjunction.com

If you think through it, it is almost unthinkable to try out a few fun things on the wedding day. But let’s face it, we all can do with a little fun to spice up the big day. Whether it is a wedding game to break the ice for guests at their tables or simply creating camaraderie and encouraging laughter- fun usually creates lasting memories. Wedding games are known to draw out shy guests to mingle with everyone else. Some are suitable for kids and keep them entertained throughout the day.

Because this fun needs a little more meticulous planning, most couples skip the memories and laughter they would enjoy when they eventually get down to watching the wedding video.  

But that’s exactly why we are here. Let’s have some fun together, shall we?!   

1. Ring toss

In this is a game, rings are tossed around a peg. The winner’s ring will remain locked onto the peg. To make it more attractive for your guests, you could brand the winners’ gifts. Your own ring toss can be setup with a painted glass wine or soda bottle; and using faux jewels you can make the tosser reminiscent of your own wedding rings.

Ring tossers and wine bottles combined make for a good wedding game Credit: hgtv.com 

2. Wheel of fun

The wheel of fun is always both a fun and fan favourite! Guests will get to bond through laughter. It could spinning specific questions that are to be answered or actions to be done by the spinner. Your wedding will be sure to etch in your guests’ memories. All you need is to be creative with the tasks on your large spinning wheel. They should be fun, thoughtful and engaging! 

The wheel will spin the laughter out of your guests Credit: loveweddingsng.com

3. Wedding shoes

This game tests how well the couple knows each other. Two chairs are placed back to back in the middle of the dance floor or reception aisle. The bride and groom sit on the chairs facing opposite sides. They hold a shoe each in either one of their hands, one belonging to the bride and the other to the groom, a set of questions is asked by the Emcee (s) and if the questions describe your partner, you raise up their shoe as fast as you can. The fun (and laughter) erupts because it is hard to tell the answer from the other partner! The crowd gets to enjoy the suspense, the surprises and the unpredictability of it all. It is as fun-filled as it is informative about the couples’ knowledge of each other.

Raise the shoe Credit: www.bridalguide.com

4. Tug of war:

Always thrilling. Tug of war has never disappointed as a wedding day game. It’s usually helpful if there is ample space for the two antagonists to wiggle within. The Emcee should work with the wedding planner to select the competing teams creatively but also competitively. And let them tango!

A wedding tug of war for the sexes Credit:theplunge

5. Bride and groom trivia 

In most cases it is called Mr. and Mrs. Quiz. Like with the shoe game, it is always great when the bride and groom know each other quite well or have enjoyed several moments together. This also an exciting and engaging way to get guests to learn more about the couple. Questions are designed based on the couple’s interests, relationship and hobbies but they can also be general knowledge questions or personal facts. Silly questions will especially get guests involved.

 Where was your first date?! Him: Hmm   Her: KFC   Credit: weddingideasmag

Quiz questions are chosen very creatively Credit: Pinterest

6. Giant dice 

The giant dice is especially good for guests. It comes with laminated score cards for tons of fun. You can do a 4 or 6 dice game for your wedding day. The instructions could be on the dice itself or the dice could be rolled separately with a corresponding instruction board indicating the action for each score. 

The instructions can be on the dice Credit: Pinterest.com

 Instructions can be on a separate board Credit: Pinterest.com

7. Jenga

Want to make some impression on your guests, just set a giant jenga game outside. The guests can write their wishes and special messages to the couple on the wooden blocks. The couple then uses them to build a giant tower. Be sure this will make for special memories.

 Instructions can be on a separate board Credit: Pinterest.com

8. Hide and Seek

Around the time when the bride and her maids hop into their changing dresses, in this game, the bride usually wanders off alone and sits (or hides) at a different table among the guests while the rest of the entourage returns to the high-table. It becomes the task of the groom to look for his bride. The fun is usually in the fact that because the groom doesn’t genuinely know which dress the bride has changed to, he and his best man have to put effort into looking for the bride. The game is more enjoyable when it is getting darker and where there is a considerable number of guests in the room because the groom has to move around until he finds his bride. Some couples take it a notch higher by blindfolding the groom and having him tell his bride by the scent of her perfume or the type of her shoe while being guided to the different tables by his best man.

Are these my bride’s feet? Credit: World’s Best Wedding Photos

9. Corn hole

This game uses bean bags stuffed with corn to aim at holes drilled into boards (hence cornholes) that is placed a few meters away from the couple! A person gets points for getting the bean bags through the holes as well as for hitting the board.  Personalized corn hole boards are especially great.

 Toss that bean bag across to the cornhole board Credit: Customcornhole.com

Customize the cornhole to your style Credit: cornholewrap.com

Hopefully, you now have a game or two to spice up your wedding day. If you need any ideas about your wedding preparations, reach us at: planner@nyomplanet.com. We will be more than glad to serve you.

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