Wedding Day Time Management Tips

Wedding Day Time Management Tips

Your wedding day is a very special occasion that can also quickly turn into a stressful nightmare because of what needs to get done in that one day. From makeup and the first look, to exchanging vows, the first dance and speeches, and everything in between.

Preparing most things in advance goes a long way in keeping to the schedule and plan. Incidentally the wedding day tends to fly by so fast which is why finding ways to save time is important. 

Below are some tips on how to navigate this crucial part of the wedding day.

1. Hire a wedding planner.

A wedding planner will reduce most stress and anxiety that comes with the wedding day and almost make it seamless. He or she will spend a lot of time in meetings with decorators, venue managers, photographers, and entertainment service providers reminding them what is expected and when.  Also, a wedding planner's experience dealing with functions week in- week equips them with strategies to identify, manage or neutralize potential time wasting triggers. From supporting you to coordinating vendors and dealing with guests, she will have everything under control and on time.

Exceeding the couple's expectations is every wedding planner's goal. Credit: The Knot

2. Get ready within close proximity.

Get ready with your partner within proximity to each other or at the same hotel. Apart from saving time, it is also intimate, special and less overwhelming especially for those who insist on seeing each other before the ceremony. Go straight into the first look and couple’s photos immediately after dressing up. Have bridesmaids in the same place too but perhaps have them get ready in a separate room where you can meet them later. A room full of ladies getting ready at times feels quite busy and would be good to avoid.

A collage capturing the beautiful moments. Credit: Rachel E.H photography

3. Shorten the photo session

If you plan on taking your wedding photos after the wedding ceremony, keep that session short. Don't keep your guests waiting at the reception, instead find creative ways of shortening the photo session by capturing those same moments at the reception. For example, taking photos with guests at each table while at the reception. Alternatively you could book a family photo session on another day before or after the wedding.

Table shot wedding ideas Credit: True Photography

4. Plan for the unexpected

Sometimes things don't always go as planned, they get out of our control. For example, you might experience a wardrobe malfunction that requires you to call your tailor or the 10 minutes drive from church to reception might end up taking 20 minutes due to road traffic. Therefore, always expect the unexpected and have your tailor on speed dial, plan for some extra minutes in between the different activities on your wedding day timeline

Even in the unexpected, choose to smile. Credit Exoctic limo Orlando

5. Budget for an extra half to one hour for your makeup and hair.

The hair appointment is the first of wedding day activities and perhaps the biggest culprit of time thievery. Making sure your hair and makeup appointments begin and end on time is crucial to managing time for the rest of your day therefore tell your hair stylist and make-up artist to wrap up 30 minutes before the real end time. If you need to be at church by 10:30, tell your stylist you need to be at church by 10:00.

Sparkle like a bride, shine like a star. Credit: My beautiful world

6. Schedule the day

Having a well-planned schedule is another great way to save time. This should include delegating duties so everyone knows exactly what to do and where they need to be at what time. This can alleviate any last-minute confusion. Create a timeline from when you wake up to when your wedding day ends including everything in between. Don’t forget to add some extra time between activities in case of delays.

Go over schedules with your vendors. In weeks and days prior to your wedding, reach out to your service providers to confirm the day’s timeline.

A trip to happily ever after starts now Credit: Canva

After all is said and done, it is still your wedding day and be sure to make the best and most out of it. You may not have control of how everything works out but you have control on choosing to have the best day of your life. Always have a smile on your face and dance your worries away at the dance floor. Have a blast because  your energy is what your guests are there for.

And if you need help planning a stress and hustle free wedding, reach out to us at for more planning tips. 

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