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12 Relatable Frustrations when planning a wedding in Uganda

Weddings are a significant part of culture! So significant that you are hardly able to organize a wedding with less than 300 guests. Typically, intending couples in Uganda tend to book vendor........

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7 Bridal Salons In Kampala To Make You Stun!

Statements like a woman’s crown is her hair, a woman’s glory is her hair, the beauty of the woman lies in her hair, hair is the crowning glory of a woman among many more are not uncommon. Pau........

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7 Breathtaking Island Honeymoon Destinations in Uganda

Romantically designed resorts amid enchanting hills surrounded by picturesque greenery, calm waters producing a refreshing breeze, relaxing hammocks and sunbathing. Wow, in Uganda?! Sounds li........

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Highlights From The Bride and Groom EXPO 2022

The Bride & Groom EXPO is an annual exhibition for mostly Ugandan wedding providers that is held at UMA Lugogo Main Exhibition hall in Kampala. The 2021 edition was a virtual event. A brain o........

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