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Tips on choosing the perfect wedding day pair of shoes

On the long list of bridal accessories to complete your wedding look, determining the best bridal shoe to go with your stunning gown is a top priority. Whether heels or flats, your wedding da........

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Wedding Vows: 10 things to consider when writing your own

Writing personal wedding vows is steadily becoming the new normal. Remember, vows are that part of the wedding day when the couple has chance to tell each other what their contribution to the........

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The Nyom Wedding Calculator

This week we want to introduce to you the Nyom Calculator, a wedding planning innovation that is every couple’s dream. Just imagine a world where only two things are needed for your wedding d........

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How to surprise your partner on the wedding day

We all love surprises, don’t we? So how about surprising your to-be life partner during the wedding day, it can be done during anytime of the wedding day. It’s all about spicing up the day an........

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