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100 years of the wedding cake

Cakes have been part of weddings since time immemorial and have been a valuable part of wedding tradition as far back as weddings can be traced. Some cakes have been designed for once in a l........

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Tee up your wedding entertainment!

Do you ever imagine a wedding without entertainment? When couples plan their wedding, in most cases the focus is on themselves and what would make them happy but with entertainment, it is a........

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Are bridesmaids a necessary evil?

Such was the spectacle in the olden days of a bride riding across territories to meet her groom. This was further nuanced by the fact that several camels moved in an entourage, each bearing a........

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Twist in wedding traditions

Change is a constant in life and the earlier you embrace it, the better. Trends, fashion, traditions and cultures change too. Taking a walk down memory lane, you will definitely notice the ch........

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