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Vendor spotlight – Sumy’s cakes and coffee

One thing we all look forward to on the wedding day is the cake! Shout outs to the cake lovers out there! Here is Sumayah Namuwenge, a wedding vendor that provides that one item that we can’t........

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Wedding Hustles

What is the most frustrating thing about organizing a Wedding??, Whenever you find someone organizing a wedding, if you ask what they find most frustrating about weddings, much more often tha........

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Love Languages

As we conclude the month of love, let’s talk about love languages. Ever wondered how to make your significant other happy or feel loved. I know you may like gifts, but does s/he feel loved w........

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Selecting a suitable Wedding reception venue

Venues can make or break wedding celebrations!. When planning your wedding reception, a venue is a must and should be among the first ‘items’ to secure. But what makes a suitable venue?........

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