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8 Wedding gemstones to pamper your wedding look

You have heard the saying, ‘You cannot buy happiness but you can buy Jewellery and that’s kind of the same’. Every bride needs some bling! More accurately, every bride needs some bling to be........

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Every bride wants to hear the phrase ‘…you stun!’ on her wedding day. To look stunning on your wedding day, however, is no mean feat. You have got to wear your wedding dress, shoes, jewelry,........

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Top Wedding Themes to consider for your wedding

Every couple dreams of putting together an amazing occasion to mark their union but so many do it quite haphazardly. A good wedding planner should be the starting point while a wedding theme........

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How to fix crisis on the wedding day

Your wedding is definitely up there among the most important events in your life, so it's not unreasonable that you want it to go without a hitch. Incidentally, things don't always go as........

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