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Changing dresses: why the hype!

One of the biggest attractions at weddings is the changing dress aka the reception dress, especially for the brides, but why exactly do newlyweds change dresses on their wedding day? Well, yo........

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Wedding Veils - What you need to know!

As they say, a veil is what turns a woman in a beautiful white dress into a bride, and we agree! There's something so romantic about the flowing fabric and the time-honored tradition, whether........

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Wedding flowers- Have your pick

Flowers since time immemorial have been part of several cultures and numerous love traditions, mostly symbolizing good but sometimes not so good. Flowers are used to console, to entice and to........

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Tips on choosing the perfect wedding day pair of shoes

On the long list of bridal accessories to complete your wedding look, determining the best bridal shoe to go with your stunning gown is a top priority. Whether heels or flats, your wedding da........

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8 Wedding gemstones to pamper your wedding look

You have heard the saying, ‘You cannot buy happiness but you can buy Jewellery and that’s kind of the same’. Every bride needs some bling! More accurately, every bride needs some bling to be........

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Every bride wants to hear the phrase ‘…you stun!’ on her wedding day. To look stunning on your wedding day, however, is no mean feat. You have got to wear your wedding dress, shoes, jewelry,........

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Choosing the perfect wedding dress

It’s quite easy to think that wedding dresses are easy to choose- it’s a dress after all! Not exactly! This isn’t another ordinary dress, it is your wedding dress and there must be careful th........

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