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Vendor Spotlight - D&J Audio Part (1)

Our vendor spotlight series are back with a bang (literally), this time with D&J Audio and yes, they are Deejays. We had such an awesome time interviewing this couple- yes, you heard right! F........

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4 Decades of Wedding Movies

The 80s wedding movies certainly had their own share of quirks. Unlike today, people then weren’t quite so sensitive about the material they watched; the content wasn’t up for debate about ho........

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40 years of Caribbean Wedding Music

The 1980s began a revolution of what is commonly known as reggae music but also what has now been fused with different genres to form everything from dancehall music to ragga, afrobeats name........

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8 reasons why you need a wedding video

Weddings, no doubt, can be quite expensive; and we all know that every tiny detail is an added cost, no matter how small. This leads many brides, especially those who prefer a simple wedding........

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