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Vendor Spotlight - Paramount Images

In the middle of the 42-day lockdown, we caught up with Mr. Lubinga James, the proprietor of Paramount images, an events photography business that has been providing services for couples’ eng........

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Tips for Wedding food service providers

Preparing food for guests is daunting enough, preparing food for a large number of guests especially when gathered to celebrate at a wedding is manic. The euphoria of the day won’t allow the........

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How to select your wedding menu

In many parts of the world, food defines the success of your wedding ceremony. There is no point having a wedding without food because for some people, many people, food is the wedding and th........

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11 Things to consider while planning a beach wedding

Welcome back to our destination wedding series. Today we want to take you to the beach and get you married there. Come with us as we tee up your beach wedding!........

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