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How to plan a destination wedding in the country side

There are many considerations while planning a destination wedding, for example, the cost implications- if it is going to cost an arm and a leg then some couples simply say ‘forget it’. But c........

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40 years of African wedding music

Africa is a continent of more than 50 countries, a diversity of people, ethnicities and cultures with a variety of music. African music has come of age over the last two decades and so have w........

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Four Decades of Wedding Songs

We all take wedding entertainment for granted but have you ever imagined a bride walking down the aisle without music? Stop, you shouldn’t! The thought is as horrifying as the bride not turni........

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Vendor Spotlight - Oeuvre Events

In our vendor spotlight series, this week we caught up with one of Kampala’s celebrated creatives- Revival Kemigisha. She is the proprietor Oeuvre events. Her wedding décor is exceptional. We........

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