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No theme, No wedding!

If you are reading this, you sure have attended a few weddings. Think through which ones stood out for you. Which ones do you remember? What stood out for you?........

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Break the norm, have that destination wedding!

Among the few positives from this COVID Pandemic is the creativity in different social events. In weddings too, creativity amongst couples is very evident, one idea that has especially come i........

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Skip the hustle, hire a wedding planner!

“I have been up and down, trying to coordinate all these service providers and I feel so worn out.” “I have to meet up with the caterer to conclude on the menu for my wedding day........

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Should you push your wedding until after COVID-19?

The year 2020 has been special all across the world in a not so pleasant way for many. Intending couples that are people of faith could even be tempted to believe God decided against them thi........

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